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"Move-to" hotbar function for rotors & pistons
Allow hotbar commands to rotate rotors & extend / retract pistons to player-preset positions. Selectable increments would be set by the player in the control panel settings for the rotor / piston & added to a list for that object, like how text / images are given to LCD panels. The hotbar command would then execute the next item on the list each time the hotkey was pressed. For instance a rotor with presets of 90 and 180 degrees would move 90 degrees and stop when the hotkey was pressed, then another 90 degrees & stop when it was pressed again and finally 180 degrees on a 3rd press to bring it back to its starting position. A rotor with presets of 180 and 360 / 0 would move 180 degrees with one press and another 180 degrees with a second press. Similar for pistons. Presets of 2.5, 5.0, 7.5 and 10.0 would move the piston 1 block per press of the hotkey until it was at full extension / retraction. Presets of 5.0 and 10,0 would move it 2 blocks per press. Lists would also be able to automatically reverse the movement direction If a preset list for a rotor read 0, 90, 180, 270, 90 (for example) The 5th press would reverse the rotor & return it to its 2nd position. A 6th press would end the list & the rotor would continue in its current direction until it reached its starting point (0). Starting the list again with a 7th press would reverse the rotor yet again to its original direction. Same thing for pistons.

CptSavarus shared this idea 28/11/17 23:03