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Move objects with new tool
Currently we can only move small objects/ small grids by copy and pasting, by flying against them or by building a small spaceship out of the grid. It would be much more emersive and practical for survival to have a new tool, some kind of 'gun' that can lock and move blocks/small objects or grids kind of like the magneto stick in Garry's mod. Ideally with an option to increase/ decrease the distance of the object to the tool by e.g. scrolling the mouse wheel. It would make building on planets much easier especially without jetpack. Thank you for considering it

ShaunWinchester shared this idea 28/01/18 15:08
DyingDarkStar 29/01/18 11:58
do mean the gravity gun from gmod?
ShaunWinchester 29/01/18 12:10
@DyingDarkStar Oh yeah something like that. What do you think?
Glimmlampe 29/01/18 14:50
You could just engineer some kind of crane for that. Either a fixed one, one on a rover or even a towing ship. Just use a landing gear as a claw
ShaunWinchester 29/01/18 15:01
That is true of course. What I had in mind is a tool that you would use in cases where building a crane just to move the object is ineffective/ unnecessary. A simple example is moving a single small block from A to B in survival where copy and paste is not available. It feels unnatural because in reality you could just pick it up and place it somewhere. Surely there are better examples^^ Another example would be placing a small grid on your build e.g. out of reach in planet gravity and without jetpack (right now you would use copy and paste for that )
RegEd 30/01/18 12:05
Fully agreed. The amount of times in the last few weeks I've wished I could pick something up and move it. Obviously there would have to be weight limits and you probably couldn't move a huge amount in one go. I'd like to be able to carve a scrap ship into chunks and then chuck the pieces into a grinding pit by hand.
ShaunWinchester 30/01/18 12:08
Exactly It must be properly balanced of course