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Mores sizes of the airtight hangar door
Would love to see some more sizes of this block added to the game so you can make bigger openings for hangars and have the possibility to use the block to fill in the gap with some larger sizes, I think this would open more possibilities in the game for people to use instead of relying on a mod that may or may not be updated and active with updating it often as some modders throw a mod onto the workshop people complain and nothing happens

Jamessolomon shared this idea 17/02/18 20:44
antokamire 27/02/18 15:43
I totaly agree I always had to download sertain mods for this.
WRENPL 28/02/18 17:36
NikolasMarch 05/03/18 19:13
yes even a 4x1x1 version makes the 'openings' so much bigger :)