Space Engineers Feedback

More personal weapons
The title kind of explains itself. There's only really one personal weapon. I know that there are multiple upgraded variants but lets at least get something like a handgun or maybe some sort of rocket launcher.

HangmanMatt shared this idea 17/08/17 23:15
nyankiki 19/08/17 15:41
there is a concept pistol but its too futuristic and looks bad with current space engineers, but sure more options would be good, sniper rifle would be the thing we need the most for those damn spider bastards infesting the junkyard planet
Astronomical 26/08/17 01:06
Yes, I'd like to have a basic FPS selection. Rifle (already in), pistol, shotgun, sniper rifle, machine gun, rocket launcher, and maybe some grenades. +3
Soultechnology 08/09/17 23:30
agree with astro.... would love to see the basic fps stuff instead fo (hey look we have 4 versions of the same gun). need rifle, pistol (keep inventory low while building/mining), shotty, sniper, and rocket launcher.
Sturmvulf 15/09/17 02:11
would love all of the above and maybe some melee weapons, and definitely a pistol and shotguns
duncandisorder 01/10/17 01:16
Please help support my "Furniture and Greenhouse" idea. It really is a good idea, if I say so myself. Personally, I think the game has overlooked a vital part of ship building. We have no furniture, like beds and desks or no bathroom items, like sinks, toilets and showers. Anyway, there's more to my idea, I would appreciate any votes. Thank you.
Xandre162 07/10/17 05:15
Maybe be able to create new skins for your gun/Draw