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More people in multiplayer
You guys have released 3 major updates since the last time I played. 2 of them were specifically focused on performance. Yet still no servers are even offering more than 20 connections and playing on a few of them it is apparent that the game still can't handle more than about 15 people in one game before it craps out and sim speed drops through the floor. I don't know what has to be done but servers have to be able to handle 100+ people before things are going to get very interesting for multiplayer and especially for pvp.

FullSized shared this idea 29/09/17 03:58
Sagi 01/10/17 22:05 flag comment
Zooltan 01/10/17 23:22 flag comment
I see the gameplay of SE as a maximum of 10-20 players. Sure i would like to be able to have large servers with 100+ people, but the complexity of this game just makes that very very hard. I would rather they spend their development time on other features and better gameplay.
FullSized 03/10/17 07:49 flag comment
@ Zooltan have a look at Empyrion. Its almost exactly the same game and servers can easily handle 150+ people. In a way its a much more complex universe with 30+ planets and TONS of NPC players and structures on every planet and in space. The only major difference in the games is that Empyrion leans far more heavily towards pvp in terms of what you can build while the developers are retarded and have no concept of how to make pvp game mechanics work. Instead they create a situation where people can fire on each other for Literally hours and never destroy the enemy ship. Space engineers has a much better balance in that regard but because server populations are so small chance encounters almost never happen. When they do its almost always someone who has been on the server for a while finding someone who just started. Then its a wave off or a steamrole.
Zooltan 05/10/17 18:48 flag comment
@FullSized I don't know much about Empyrion or their physics system, but I assume the "simulation" is more arcade-ish than the realistic-ish approach Space Engineers is aiming for. Also, it sounds like Empyrion was made with PvP im mind, where Space Engineers is made for well, engineering in space. So the engines are made for two different purposes, with each their strong and weak points. But I should really just be sharing my opinion, so to sum up: I see Space Engineers as a game for a small group of people, from 1 to ~20. Therefore, I don't think they should spent a lot of time rewriting it for large multiplayer servers. (Yet!) I would prefer better gameplay, before large servers.
dcar 23/10/17 18:11 flag comment
One of the biggest reasons S.E. servers end up being capped at the populations we're seeing is because people tend to not play on a server which runs at low sim speeds. Sim speeds, as we're aware, are reduced for everyone when any player connects with high ping, sync issues, or etc. So, since any one player can bring server performance to its knees just by logging in and floating in space, people don't tend to collect in significant numbers on any particular server. The fix I'd like to see is that the server should just tell the client when there are connectivity issues and allow that one player to see jumpy behavior instead of bringing everyone else down with the quality of their connection. After that, look into implementing a method for the client to rectify its connection to the server. 27/02/18 17:43 flag comment
We are not targeting for 100+ players, but definitely more then it is possible now.