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More options for ores amount gained/density/size/depth
Currently in survival it feels that once you find one deposit of each ore you can build anything from that. I have not yet found small enough iron deposit that i wouldnt get attleast 10 000 tons from it. Sizes are too big and you get too much ore from each deposit. Its too easy to get big amounts of ores. It doesnt matter do you use 1x or 10x inventory you get same amount from deposit. Amount gained from mining Currently with 1x inventory if you hand mine its one tick in ore deposit and go empty. So when you mine you would get example 10% of current amount gained, with 1x inventory you would need to mine same amount as in 10x inventory to fill that 1x inventory. This is kinda how much ore you have in 1x1x1 cube of stone. Deposits shouldnt be 100% pure. Like in real life its very rare to find huge amounts of pure metal of any kind. Now it feels like its pure stuff . Three options would be nice compared to current, these would be good high= 100% medium=30% and low=10%. Or just 1x 3x 10x where 10x is current one. Basicly same kind of options as in refineries and assemblers Density Currently a lot of surface of planets is covered with dark spots. And allmost all asteroids have ores. It would be nice if you have to look many asteroids just to find one which has ores. And in planets you would spend more time exploring enviroment. Similar choices there high=100% medium 30% and low=10%. Or just 1x 3x 10x where 10x is current one. Size Ore deposit sizes are way too big in asteroids and planets. Same here high=100% medium=30% and low 10% Or just 1x 3x 10x where 10x is current one. So with amount gained and size if both would be set to 10% it would mean you get only 1% from one deposit when compared to current value. It would force you to go look for more, a lot sooner than currently. Depth Option to choose depth of deposits in planets. Currently they seem to varie from 5-150 meters. Depth low= 0-150m medium 100-500m high=400-1500m. This option would let you choose 1 or more so it would randomly deside how deep that deposit is. In my mind these kind of options would help a lot in survival gameplay. Adds a reason to explore. Even adding option how much you gain from deposit would make huge impact in survival. And i think that one should be pretty easy to do.

Maybesomeday85 shared this idea 18/10/17 18:29
amrylin1337 24/10/17 03:57
I have no votes left but I support any and all changes that make mining and resources more feature rich, including anything to do with scarcity.