Space Engineers Feedback

more firepower and ship tipes
i was thinking that you guys culd make a update to add more guns missile turrets land treads so on so forth incuding more wepons for the player to use of corse also ading more veritiy to ship parts like bio engons or thermal energy colected by the heat of your reacters and adding overheating wich culd bow up a cunk of your ship and more engons and cokpits and finaly my oun persinal idea mech guns engins armer and huds for the combat in land and space so phoenix modils wolf models the univerce is the limet with this update for combat since id like more guns and hopfuly the ability to make vinilla tanks withowt the 2 key peces that makes a good tank the treads and the turret

cyberwolf400 shared this idea 11/02/18 16:36