Space Engineers Feedback

More character weapons
I know that this game is not about shooting. It's a creative building game, but because it has that Star Wars feeling, we want more weapons, please. At least a rocket launcher. If the ships could have rocket launcher the players should also have. In its 3 upgrades: - Upgrade 1: bigger damage - Upgrade 2: faster travel time - Upgrade 3: homing capability It would be also a cool feature that if a player is holding the RPG, then when another player goes behind the player holding the weapon that he could interact with it. It would look like one guy is kneeling and holding the RPG on his shoulder. The other guy behind it would also kneel down and have a bunch of rockets next to him. He will reload. Like a reload time would be faster. I would like to see a sniper also. Thanks for reading, and plese put these in to the game! :)

petdomaa100 shared this idea 14/10/17 16:19