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More + blocks in our build menu
We love the + blocks in our build menu's. To make it clear i am talking about more blocks beign accesed by the same block. Diffrent shapes f blocks, window blocks multiple conveyer tubes large small thrusters etc. But i think there can be even more! -I think connectors/ejectors/collectors can also go with the conveyer tubes -Refinery assembler and all the modules can also be on 1 block -medical room with oxygen generator and crypod an be in the same blocks. -tools like drills welders and grinders can go together -(fighter)cockpit and control stations along with flight seat can all go one 1 block. -weapons like gatling guns rocket launchers and their turrets can all go together Actually anything wich goes together is a plus! We love what you do and we want more.

Sagi shared this idea 18/02/18 18:01
SuicideNeil 27/02/18 04:11
Agreed- tidy up the Hotbar and G-menu and make more space for other/new blocks.
antokamire 27/02/18 15:41
this needs to be done right, so that new players will also understand how to use this. or make it so that you can make your own + blocks ingame under a my presets tab. then you can jut put your favorite blocks under 1 tab.