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More block textures and survival vox tools
It would be nice if there were other block textures such as stone, sandstone etc to build with while on planets. Also if you can dig voxels surely it would be sensible to be able to place them too? Even if we have to grind dirt and stone in something else I would love to be able to fill in holes and build using voxels. 1. Blocks for other buildings and looks 2. Voxel sculpting in survival

StrangeCalibur shared this idea 22/08/17 05:42
Jono7 22/08/17 20:34
Totally agree, we really need more uses for stone and building blocks would be perfect. It would have to be made too heavy for ships/vehicles of course. Also it would be more simple for new players to build stone foundations/bases if starting from scratch as there is so much of it available. Medieval engineers already has a range of uses for stone including building blocks. Voxel sculpting is always good.