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Mods should add into Space Engineers
There are certain good mods. I think keen should add into the space engineers. 1. Mod name:Autopilot, Radar, and Military Systems Workshop link: Authors: Souper07, [uRxP]DrChocolate , Rynchodon Description: Amazing and best radar mod. The mod includes a set of Autopilot, Antenna Relay and Radar and Missile Systems. Also, it includes a set of commands code. It just likes a compact and similar program block. Only few lines of commands, player can do a lot crazy stuff. For instance, a automatic battle drone. For example build a missile can ram the target automatically. The commands that need is "E0,Ram". That's it. Then, the missile will ram the target. It should add into to the game for good because not every player knows what to write C# program. How to set up this mod: (see picture on workshop page ) Download SEPL_installer_win64 from the link that workshop page provide. And, launch the SEPL. In the SEPL menu, check the SpaceEnginnersPluginLoader. In the empty author row below, types “Rynchodon”. In the empty repository below, types”ARMS”. Check the row and Click “launch SE and SEPL”. The mod showcase in this link ARMS Demo 2. Mod name: Control Module- basically key binding for ships. Workshop link: Authors: Digi Description: As the title describe this mod is binding the player’s input to the ships. It is monitoring the player’s keyboard or mouse input. For example, if I build a robot or mecha, I can control the robot to move forward by click “W” key. This mod make the complicate became easily and it coordinates the mouse and keyboard input. 3.Missile Guidance Block Workshop link: Authors: Alysius,venator2070,The Witch, Shaostoul Description: Best Missile mod. It is easy to use. This missile mod can track and ram a target in an Irregular trajectory.

tom147528 shared this idea 02/10/17 02:44