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Moar weapons..
Let's face it, most battles between large ships end up in missile turret slog-fests that do little more than create lag. While there are many mods out there for weapons, I;d love to see what Keen can come up with. And yes I know you can make all sorts of fancy missiles and other wonder-waffe (see a certain death lotus from a well known you-tuber) , but I think it;s high time that some serious ordinance was brought into the vanilla game. For large ships i;d imagine some of the following weapons: Something large: much like the MAC cannon of halo. A pure capital ship killer. Depending on how you go make the gun and ammo expensive to make or maybe have it very energy hungry, but counter that with heavy output of damage. not sure how that would work but maybe have it modular so a main cannon chamber (roughly the size of a hydrogen tank) and a barrel segment, with each extra barrel segment bringing more power to the shot. Bigger, better and more diverse turrets: As the name suggests everything from large battleship like turrets to smaller ones that are faster and can track smaller targets. Guided missles: The dream, right now the guided missile mod is up there is my Must have mods, and I personally would love to see it come to SE. I do understand why that might not be the case consdiering howscript guidence had evolves but I can dram dammit.

Mak90 shared this idea 17/08/17 18:51
AntonTakk 18/08/17 20:41
My understanding is that Keen is, pardon the phrase, shooting for the game to feel like modern tech +60 years. We currently have guided missiles, and the US Military publicly announced quite some time ago it was using laser-based weapon systems as well as preparing to install real life rail guns on naval vessels. I can't think of any stronger argument for the inclusion of at LEAST those three technologies in the base game. and something like the halo MAC cannon is essentially just an enormous gun, not that different from say the ~40mm / 1224kg rounds that were in use on battle ships in the mid to late 1940s more info:
nyankiki 19/08/17 15:52
this sure would make combat interesting, also good idea on energy weapons, maybe a mining laser that could also be used as combat weapon? large calliber weapons should have drawbacks, massive canons can only spin 25º and cant go over 35º vertically, with antenas missiles should lock to ships hopefully like galactic junk that the last block before we shoot is the one locked, also rail guns seem like a good idea, a mounted gun like rocket l. that doesnt turn and shoots just forward but deals massive damage and destroys 5 layers of light armor
Astronomical 26/08/17 02:10
More ship weapons, like energy weapons and cannons, would be great. There's plenty of weapon mods on the workshop that can be incorporated. I'd be happy if Keen would just update and implement their old example weapon mod with the fixed small grid cannon and the large grid cannon turret. +3
Rdav 25/09/17 19:25
I'm not keen on energy weapons because there are plenty of games with energy weapons, I like keens vision of a near-future tech, but for the love of god more cannon and missile based weapons, take some inspiration from from the depths, the vanilla varieties are so boring and as OP states just lead to turret spam and lag fests. it takes a lot of engineering out of the game when it's not a smart combination of weapons and armour ships need, it's just whoever has the biggest gun-block wins. More weapon variety is something I'm quite passionate about.
Theprof 26/09/17 00:32
Didn't Marek express an interest in the weapons mod pack made by Mexpex? Either way, I'd really like a greater selection of ship weapons
Astronomical 27/09/17 00:21
I would be happy with any kind of ship weapon variety. Two weapon types (not including PMWs) are a little underwhelming. Improving player made weapons similar to the way From the Depths does is also a very cool idea. I agree that SE weapon systems should primarily be ballistic based like canons and missiles. However, while I don’t want to see this game turn into Star Wars, I do think at least one particle-beam weapon should be included. Real world particle-beam weapons exist today, at least in limited application. For example the US military currently uses the technology in an anti ballistic missile system. With 60 years of continued research, it’s not infeasible to assume energy weapons would be sufficiently advanced. Maybe two versions: one that is very large and cumbersome but does good damage and a turret version mostly only good for point defense against missiles, asteroids, and maybe small ships. Both should consume a lot of energy and possibly require bulky capacitors for balance. Also if we can have jump drives and alien planets inhabited by man-eating spiders without “keens vision of a near-future tech” going out the airlock then I don’t think one laser will hurt.
duncandisorder 01/10/17 01:08
Please help support my "Furniture and Greenhouse" idea. It really is a good idea, if I say so myself. Personally, I think the game has overlooked a vital part of ship building. We have no furniture, like beds and desks or no bathroom items, like sinks, toilets and showers. Anyway, there's more to my idea, I would appreciate any votes. Thank you.
Oselotti2 03/10/17 12:50
Bigger guns are badly needed for proper battleships and many different sizes from size of small field gun to big artillery. Also I think one real world energy weapon won't turn the game in to Star wars but is just realistic and gives nice variety.