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Mirror Function in Survival Mode
How many times have you been building a ship in Survival Mode and you cleverly manage to arrange the outer hull JUST right? You log for the night, have a busy week, come back later and now you can't remember how you did it. Very frustrating. What I suggest is that we are allowed to use the Mirror function in Survival mode. We would still have to carry all of the materials necessary to place the mirrored block (so no freebies) and it can't be used to weld the other side in any way. It's simply a more precise and faster way to build projects in Survival mode. Yes yes, 'Survival Mode is all about doing things the Hard Way' and all that. However, something to consider is that there are a LOT of tools that would be available in the SE world that the game doesn't have. In truth, we could have the blueprint on a PDA and it would tell us what blocks to place next. We don't, and I despise tedium, hence this suggestion.

Darkaiser shared this idea 01/09/17 04:10
Syncaidius1 01/09/17 15:30
I don't really like the idea of this, but if it really must be added, then it should be optional.
Syncaidius1 01/09/17 15:30
No edit button... By optional I mean, be able to disable it entirely to prevent others using it on your server if you choose.
Saberwulfy 02/09/17 07:32
Mirror as a option in projector would be good