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Mining Drills nearly ineffective
Beeing happy about the improvements included in the new physics update I tried to build a mining plant on "Earth" to get the huge amounts of recources needed in survival. But it is nearly impossible to get this working properly. The drills are way to ineffective. With a single active drill, or even multiple drills in a rotating array, driven downwards by a piston, the soil is only penetrated very very little. Sometimes it seems, that the drills hit an invisible barrier and stop moving forward or the array stops turning. On the rotating drill-array the drills are ofter ripped off and the whole drilling-tower has to be fixed. This is really annoying because mining by hand with the hand-drill cannot be the way to choose to get all the resources for building a spaceship to get off the planet in survival. So please reballance the drills. In comparison the stationary or ship-mounted drills are way to weak in comparison to the hand-drill. Greetings, stetsc

stetsc shared this idea 04/12/17 22:42