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Merge Tabletop game's rules into SE and Change the game
Hello, I am tom. In this post, I want to discuss how to merge tabletop game's rules into SE and change the game.(in single player and multiple player) If you hear or play tabletop before, such as Dungeons & Dragons or Monopoly, you probably will remember a few things, a long script book, Dungeon Master and special items. As you know, the Dungeon Master can modify the rules if he/she wants. The script book is still a long list of missions. And, special items are something that limit or reward players. If we apply these stuffs to the space engineers, what happen it’s 1. Creator of the game can decide what kind of competition in the game. 2. Creator of the game can limit players’ action. 3. Creator can assign missions to the players. The first players who finish get reward. The thing I think need to add into the game. 1. A “Block Sorter“ similar to “Conveyor sorter”. It limits what blocks can place on the grid. 2. Missions can be adding into the game. (It has similar role to the script book.) I know it is difficult to understand. So, I prepare some example to explain why. Case 1 –Warship battle For example, I am the creator of the game. (A Dungeon Master). The competition that I want to establish is “warship battle”. The first thing I want to do is establish category of the warship. I want to have different types of warship in the game, so the warship must have different size, weapons and function. For example, I want to the game to have three type of destroyer: guided-missile destroyer, torpedo destroyer, artillery destroyer. In current version, we can’t limit player action. So player can place anything on the destroyer. There has no rule and category. But, if the dungeon master can limit what kind of blocks player can place on their destroyer? A “Block Sorter“similar to “Conveyor sorter” should add into the SE. The function of “conveyor sorter “ is forbidden some items pass through the conveyor tube. A “Block Sorter” is forbidden some blocks place on the grid. It limits quantity of blocks and species of blocks. Also, every ship must have a “Block Sorter” in order to work. Then, we have different “Block Sorter” for artillery destroyer, torpedo destroyer and guided-missile destroyer. We have artillery destroyer for the close range, torpedo destroyer for the middle range and guided-missile destroyer for long range. In this case, the goal is accomplish. The creator establishes his/her rules for the game. Case 2- faction war The faction war is classic setting for the game. We ever can see red faction fight against blue faction on the trailer.(Also, it is in the background of the menu.) Why we don't explore this idea further? Some missions can be adding to the SE. And, creator or computer can assign missions to different faction. Factions must compete to each other, so they can get reward. There are some setting can be use. 1. Most of the blocks aren’t available to every faction. Every have the same mission list. Factions need to complete the missions to unlock the blocks. Only the faction completes the mission get reward. The technology gap might exist. The competition is mild at the beginning. It is get intense at the end. Faction has more chance to encounter other factions. Faction who completes more missions will win. 2. The single campaign mode about this but the player will fight against AI factions.

tom147528 shared this idea 03/09/17 09:36
xphoenixxx 04/09/17 01:38
Basically you are asking for an "adventure mode" where players cannot place or grind only interact? The scenario/mission system can do this, which has visual scripting, and modapi can somewhat too. On a dedicated server if you disable tools you get a similar effect as well. Particularly if you need tools later and can spawn them in a crate etc If they expanded scenario/mission mode to work on a dedicated server basically you have the same end result ? I would certainly like to see that. If nothing else the "auto assign to faction X on spawn" option in the med bays would be very helpful on my dedicated servers.
tom147528 04/09/17 02:27
@xphoenixxx No, I am asking for an "adventure mode" that creator can modify the characteristic of ship or faction. For example I want to create three faction, faction A and B. I want faction A's ship only can install ion thruster. And, faction B's ship only can install hydrogen thruster. Ion thruster isn't available for faction B. Also, hydrogen thruster isn't available for faction A. After, both faction a their own thruster technology. And, they advantage or disadvantage on different environment.
tom147528 04/09/17 03:05
The "destroyer" example is similar to this. Every destroyer need one “Conveyor sorter”( every ship only can install one "Conveyor sorter") to work. Artillery only available for artillery destroyer. Then, artillery destroyer has advantage in the close range,but disadvantage in other range. Torpedo only available for torpedo destroyer.Then, torpedo destroyer has advantage in the middle range,but disadvantage in other range. Guided-missile destroyer.only available for torpedo destroyer.Then, torpedo destroyer has advantage in the long range,but disadvantage in other range. As you can see, some sort of balance and characteristic is establish in here. Just like the rule of Rock-paper-scissors.
tom147528 04/09/17 03:29
The scenario/ mission mode what I am expanding it is similar to medieval engineers. In the beginning , most of the block are lock.Basic block are each faction. All faction receive a list of mission. Those mission are same for each faction. If a mission complete by one of the factions, that mission will vanish from the list. Another factions can't do that mission anymore. And, factions who finish the mission will get reward. For example, the reward is "unblocking ion thruster". Faction A finish the mission. Ion thruster is only available for faction A. Other faction will never have chance to unblock the ion thruster. In the end, it will cause the technology gap.
xphoenixxx 05/09/17 01:50
Ok I understand - some of this scenario editing can do but obviously no multiplayer.. modapi can also do it to an extent but there are limitations - one being the exclusivity. In a nutshell you want to be able to assign an attribute to each given block which relates to faction. "my faction" "any faction" "not available" etc. So you can set up a starcraft style game formula where given factions have access to specific tech tree exclusively - where an enemy faction could only gain access to this tech by either capturing a faction specific assembler (to create them at all) or hacking an already placed block (which gains access only to that specific instance of the block not creating more) On top of that you want a mission system that adds further complexity and variation by allowing those who complete missions first - access to a particular tech for their faction - and this mission may or may not be available to other factions to complete once someone else has already done it. That would allow you to add a bunch of specific weapons or tech mods to a server. then configure the server to: A: allocate certain mods/blocks/tools/items to ONLY be available to faction X (unless captured/hacked - with the limitation that if they capture a production block they can only make related techs not more of the faction production block) B: allocate certain mods/blocks/tools/items to ONLY be available to the faction that first completes mission Y C: allocate certain mods/blocks/tools/items to ONLY be available to ANY faction that completes mission Z D: allocate certain mods/blocks/tools/items to be available to ALL E: allocate certain mods/blocks/tools/items to be available to NONE (eg techs designated for only NPC encounters) F: completion of certain missions/blocks unlocks a "misison tree" to additional missions that can be completed. There are a few ways this could be done actually. Have special faction specific components needed to build certain items(a bit like the admin weapons token used in some mods), or add a faction field to blocks to filter who has the option to build them. [ Make a cool plugin for torch/sese :o) ]