Space Engineers Feedback

Merge Medieval and Space engineers
Start as a medieval engineers and progress through different ages. Medieval Age Gather resources , fend off other people's space ships with catapults while you try to research the next age. Oh, and murder the other savages next door. Industrial Age You have clawed your way out of the dark ages and have access to better technology and can build more than just castles and catapults. Industrial processing, tanks, aircraft, and limited space capabilities. You can nuke your neighbors castle, you know, the one he's been building for the last 3 hours but the next habitable planet is still out of reach. Space Age You really know your sh!t now and have access to everything. It might not be practical but, damn it, now you can build a castle with nuke lobbing catapults on your space platform.

Narcospy shared this idea 27/09/17 16:52
mikrogen 28/09/17 12:36
I like this idea too :)