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Medium blocks
I think Large blocks are too big, i would like to have medium blocks, 1/8 from large block, u could do so much more detailed ships whit them i think they should be able to mix with large blocks and large block could be split to medium blocks when u have one in your hand when i build anything, i all the time ran into a problem that big blocks are too big, but small blocks are too small medium blocks... ahhh i can only dream what i can do with them...

Racso shared this idea 02/09/17 17:48
xiojade 03/09/17 16:36
I think this would slip into the compound blocks wishlist, or the ability to connect small blocks to large blocks. Something I would absolutely love, but with how the game is built it might not be something that's doable.
malwaredev 17/09/17 20:43
They used to have medium sized, apparently, once upon a time, before I joined the community. It was removed.