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Medbay Exploit Fixes and Depth revamp.
Medbay is also an assembler that can only make clone templates (maybe stim packs someday :P). Clone takes 1 hr to manufacture. Medbay has a max inventory of 3 clones per person (Can hold clones for multiple players). Must be protected as it's loss can be devastating to a faction!!! Multiple Medbays are recommended for factions. Clones can only be used from the Home medbay. Only 1 medbay can be marked as Home at a time.(must be set from Panel on the block, not via the terminal).(Prevents teleport exploit) If the player runs out of clones or was killed by "Backspace key to the head" : A) They can spawn as a droid while a new clone is built at the Home medbay, with A1) X% reduced capabilities.(fuel/energy capacity, tool speeds, run speed, inventory, etc), A2) Cannot use cockpits, or weapons. (Can pilot drones via suit antenna) A3) Cannot grind enemy blocks (only owned by me, and unowned) A4) Droid tools can be disassembled for a 0.001 Iron return but take 30 minutes to disassemble per tool. (No Free Resource exploit) B) Player can choose to respawn in a temp ship at their original location which is deleted as soon as they exit the seat. (If the Home Medbay is inaccessible/destroyed, out of power, etc,) (Partial one way teleport exploit, but player loses corpse inventory, impact minimal) C) The player can choose to respawn in a random location (permadeath) with any existing owned blocks transferring to the majority owner of other grids or unowned if there are no other block owners. It also clears out all GPS points. Supporting mechanics (Depth and Immersion): Material to make clones comes from "biomass" on planets, or "biomass" can be engineered in space as a separate process (Oxygen Farms? also convert stone/gravel and Ice to biomass very slowly but do not produce O2 while making Biomass) which adds time to the overall clone manufacture process. This method severely restricts medbay teleport exploits as the teleport either consumes a clone (which takes an hour to manufacture) or puts the player in a compromised position with no personal weapons, reduced speeds and the inability to pilot until they can make clones in a new Home medbay. It penalizes weaponizing chain deaths. It prevents "Free resource" drops as the drop at original spawn is deleted on cockpit exit. It gives the player an ability to prepare for eventual deaths and in the circumstance where a player does not want to be a faulty droid, they can choose to take "permadeath" if they decide. Player choices under this system are: 1. Pre-Pay resources (as Insurance), 2. Post Pay - spawn with penalties until a new clone is made. 3. No Pay - lose inventory and spawn again at your start location while preserving GPS and ownership. Recovery can be planned for by leaving cache or outpost. 3. Total Loss - start over and lose all existing GPS and block ownership with spawn in random location.

Geneticus shared this idea 09/08/17 23:45
xphoenixxx 05/09/17 08:01
.. or just make medbays .. medbays. ie healing only. Spawn in the cryo. You log in automatically to the cryo you were the nearest to when you logged out/died whatever. Deaths could simply be classified as "you passed out due to lack of oxygen and were taken to the nearest cryo chamber to recover." No suicide transport network, ships and jump drives now have a purpose. Respawn ships only work when no cryo was available.(emergency medical ship) and probably spawn near the nearest medbay to your death anyway. This also gives the game an excuse to keep your inventory if you log out or crash. ... and you need to TRAVEL to a different cryo to spawn there. The respawn ships vanishing also have an excuse too.. (it flew away to rescue some other poor soul) Simple, Not overly complicated. Never underestimate the power of using plot devices. K.I.S.S. :)