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ME style Faction 'banner' blocks and suit patches for SE
This would be a way for players to further distinguish themselves from other factions outside of just a name tag color change, and provide a bit of group unity for faction play, or just add a little fun customization for single player games. These would be modifiable only by faction leaders through the med bay like suits are already done, but would be on a different menu screen with a GUI similar to ME's banner designer block. The player would choose from several backgrounds, foregrounds, and emblems which would show on faction owned blocks(2-3 varieties/small/large/medium maybe), again similar to how ME's banners work. This image would also be pictured automatically on an 'mission' style patch displayed prominently on the suits of players within a faction on the upper arm, chest, and backpack, but could be removed if the player did not wish to see it. A check box to disable this in the regular med bay GUI would be perfect and simple. If in the future the suits could come off, being able to see this patch on the suit-less character would be good, too. Additionally, players would be able to upload different images and background 'shields' to the workshop to expand this feature. As a plus, a way to add leadership roles to factions and be able to design insignia and assign ranks for them would be awesome. Not a biggy though. Just an add on to the above

Oneill420 shared this idea 20/01/18 05:43