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Maximum Ship Grid Speed relative to Ship Mass
The general trend in SE is to build bigger and bigger ships. This doesn't help for performance reasons or for ship roles. Currently, there is no reason not to build a large ship. A ship that is 2M kg can go the same speed as a ship that is 200K kg. But what would happen if this weren't true? • Small lightweight scouts/interceptors/fighters would be more viable. • Different sized ships would be required for different roles. • Discourage building 'big' when you don't absolutely have to. The suggestion is to make the maximum speed of a grid relative to its mass. A smaller, lighter weight ship will have a faster max speed compared to a heavier mass ship. Example Ideas: Small Ship Grids: 150m/s -75 m/s Large Ship Grids: 110m/s - 30 m/s Space Suit: 115m/s (build a small ship to go faster!) Original post for perspective:

Helaton shared this idea 15/09/17 23:38