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Material/Roughness Painting
(Armor blocks only) An option in the paint menu for selecting a material and roughness to apply on armor blocks. For material examples: gold, nickel, brass, carbon fiber, matte color, shiny color, rust,wood<why not? And a roughness value to apply or remove scratches on the material. I believe this would greatly increase the variety and aesthetic value of building in the game.

RUSTIK shared this idea 28/08/17 18:12
TyeDyeGuy 29/08/17 00:50
Shiny color = Gloss = Awesome I fully agree with you. With their newer models, I think what is holding the game back aesthetically are the voxels and armor blocks. Something like this would make a significant improvement to how the game looks, considering how much armor is used in comparison to other blocks. I hadn't even considered how that would give more variety, this is an excellent idea.
tombu258 14/09/17 22:05
Especially chosing a material wood be awesome, I would love to change my ships floor to a nice parquet or build a base out of concrete instead of the default metal plates.