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massive performance hit after protobuffer update, revert or fix
Since the update with protobuffers the server I play on has become unplayable due to movement rubber-banding, delayed actions (getting into terminals, cockpits, block placement, suiciding and not dying for 5 minutes and much more) the list of medical bays takes _forever_ to let you spawn at a grid and reverts to the top-most grid when you try to click on one further down, projections jump around and don't print, and so many other little things. I've tried other servers, same issues. You guys keep breaking more than you fix at a faster pace than ever and this game gets worse and worse.. My friends and I joke that Keen are a bunch of sadists who intentionally make bugs to appease clang.. I've 800+ hours to measure relative quality with, this game hasn't been this bad since pre-alpha, a 1.0 sim speed doesn't mean shit when it acts like 0.1

ladymilch shared this idea 14/09/17 20:58
ladymilch 14/09/17 21:29
seems to be world-size dependent, servers with little 8kb save games work fine while 200kb+ is gamebreaking. Worked fine before the update.
mikrogen 14/09/17 22:05
Hello, we are sorry for troubles, we will investigate this issue.
filcon 15/09/17 09:53
Can you pls send us IP of the server?
ladymilch 16/09/17 03:18
Has improved with last hotfix
filcon 17/11/17 10:01
Closing this