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manual overdrive/shutdown lever
so my idea is that lets say your ship is out of power and you can't start up your reactors or open a shute or open a door or something we can have a manual overdrive lever it will open/let you accses things that you typicaly can't when the ship is off . things like .doors .parashutes...ect

toilet shared this idea 24/10/17 00:14
Broadstairs 27/10/17 18:12
I like, it, so manual activation of doors and blocks you are directly interacting with only? Makes sense, real doors tend to have some kind of manual release to prevent getting trapped
toilet 28/10/17 16:24
yah exacly :D
String 01/11/17 11:54
I really like this. ^^
ronin 01/11/17 16:39
yes we need this
steelphantom67 05/11/17 23:48
yeah this would really help like if you had uranium in like a cargo container on a shuttle so you could power it up or if your ship took damage and your uranium supplys where cut off from your reactor.
ronin 06/11/17 00:14
yah :P