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Manipulatable Tubing
Replenishing the fuel, O2, or Hydrogen of any vehicle can be extremely irritating when you have to line up a docking port, carefully pull the ship in, connect it, and transfer materials. This is doubly so when you have a wheel based vehicle that you have to manually line up. Tubing could make this process much faster for liquid/gas materials, and simple refuels are suddenly simple and clean processes. Bring the receiving port to within a reasonable distance, get out of the vehicle, and retrieve the nozzle out of the "producing" port. From there it can be pulled, by hand, to your vehicles receiving port, connected, and used to fill up fuel or oxygen tanks without the hassle of manually lining up a large, clunky vehicle to a sometimes finicky and even downright dangerous magnetic port.

Dequire shared this idea 07/11/17 12:23