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Managing CargoShips and Blueprints
Hello, everyone. I would love to have a new option in game to customize cargo ships. On opening you would see every CargoShips that are enable. You should then add other by clicking a "Add from Blueprints" so you can select your own ships or some that you Dled on the Workshop. Options/Settings could be : - Faction dropdownlist (Pirate / Cargo others...) - Speed (input field) - Aggressivity dropdownlist (Attack on detection, Attack on approach, Flee on detection, Flee on approach). - Frequency slider - Raider checkbox (Yes / No). If ticked this ship will be a raider, meaning it would attack you like the big Pirate ship. This would add some diversity and somee more diverse experience. Ok you built a cruiser that seems really powerfull and destroy every cargoship. But how would you defend your base against it ? How would you capture it ? Basicly it's what we can do with XML files but with more option and more accessibility

ffwrude shared this idea 15/09/17 10:10