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Make the Conveyor Frame blocks more convenient.
These blocks often come in pretty handy, but they fill a very specific purpose, which is unlike most other blocks in the game, and can be a pain to use sometimes because they don’t have any attachment points on the exterior, then though the way they look suggests that they should. To make them more useful you can make all exterior ring faces attachment points, and also put small conveyor hatches on each side.

Kephyr shared this idea 24/08/17 16:06
megapro 24/08/17 21:02
basically making the extended conveyors modvanilla which also includes conveyors with wall mounting bars on one side.
Phoenix84 25/08/17 04:17
Well, the Conveyor frame is recessed slightly, so there there would be a gap if they added side-ports. That said, I wouldn't mind a block similar to that, as seen in this mod: It also has large conveyor on each flat side, and small conveyors around the edges. It functions like the junction, but is 1/3 the size.
HunterDigi 25/08/17 07:58
Yeah, the frame really needs small ports on the side and made solid instead of open, just like the medium sorter but with ports on the side. Next to that, a 6-way small-ship large-port conveyor block would also be quite needed from my experience.