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Make ore detectors larger range but with a manual 'ping' mode
With dark spots no longer easily visible on planets I started to think that having a longer range ore detector would be useful. Unfortunately the way that ore detectors find local voxels that contain ore is very processor expensive. My alternative suggestion to the current mechanic would be to make ore detectors not work continuously but rather have a 'ping' mode where the user has to activate the detector for it to function. A mode like that could be helpful as you can make a longer range ore detector so that we don't need the dark spots to be visible at all since the calculations would only be occasional. Prospecting would have a bit more interaction to it than simply flying or driving around until you spot something as you could have the pings decay over time so that you would need to gradually close in on a deposit. To prevent users spamming the button the block could have a cool-down similar to the way the jump drives currently function. Similarly the results could have an inbuilt delay on them so that calculations can occur across multiple game ticks allowing for less performance impact for the larger range. As a separate but related idea, if my understanding of how the ore detectors work is even close to correct it might be possible to make them sample only a random selection of voxels beyond a certain range which would build in some inherent variability that could make prospecting more interesting and challenging.

Splitsie shared this idea 06/02/18 22:18
StarDruid 07/02/18 07:44
I support the idea, a more active way of finding ore would be nice and take away then need for dark spots. Maybe two devices, with the Ore detector being for when you need to find the specific ore in deposit, and the larger range one Splitsie purposed only letting you know there is ore in specific areas, but not what specific ores.