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Make Jump Drives' operation more manual.
Jump Drives, ever since their implementation, have been very convenient, so much so that they prevent interesting gameplay scenarios to occur naturally. Being able to almost immediately jump away from danger, into any direction at a click of a button kills a lot of fight opportunities too easily, and thus make multiplayer less exciting. Making their operation more manual, I think, will fix many of these problems. There are a few ways to implement this: 1) The lighter option: make the “warp generation” sparkling effect point to the direction where the ship is jumping to 2) The harder option: disable the option of jumping to specific coordinates, so that you can only jump forward. So you’ll have to manually align the ship where you want to jump. I think that’d be pretty neat. Bonus: As a bonus feature to make the Jump Drive even more interesting, you could make it so that you can only use the drive after having reached a specific speed, like 70m/s or so. In this case you could take away the countdown when you press the button to jump.

Kephyr shared this idea 24/08/17 16:22
MartinSPACELORD 25/08/17 06:51
it would be cool instead of ship teleporting it traveled fast and had like a hyperspace effect and if it comes close to gravity or a space fight it gets pulled from hyper space
StrangeCalibur 25/08/17 08:19
1. I can agree with but honestly distances are so vast who would be able to follow it? 2. I can't disagree more, I would rather more precise jumps so you could jump behind a ship during a battle for example. A "tactical jump" if you will.
Kephyr 25/08/17 11:56
@MartinSPACELORD Yeah, I agree, like in EVE online. Though that's a cosmetic matter. @StrangeCalibur 1. By being able to see what direction someone is jumping to, you could attempt to chase them by jumping in the same direction, and either trying to spot their beacon signal, or if they turn it off - spot them manually, or with use of a LIDAR script. Chasing after someone wouldn't be easy, that's for sure, but it would be possible, and very satisfying if accomplished. 2. Well, during fights you are already limited to just the "forward jump" ability, and aligning with where you want to jump manually, since your opponent is always moving. So you wouldn't be able to jump to specific coordinates anyway.
myman 17/10/17 06:17
Are you mad disabling GPS jump if anything it needs to be that you can more precisely jump to the GPS location