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Make Jetpack Inertial Dampeners Match Speed With Nearest Grid*
Currently, the Character's jetpack will always try to bring you down to 0m/s when the inertial dampeners are on. Keen, please make it so that the jetpack will attempt to match speed with the nearest powered large grid within a certain radius. I think 500 meters would be a good starting point for this, to give your jetpack's computer enough time to compensate without killing you by slamming into the grid itself. Obviously it should do this with friendly and neutral large grids, but whether or not it should attempt to do this for enemy large grids is up for debate, as this would be something handled by your suit's computer. I personally don't think so, because it doesn't make sense to me for my suit's computer to link with an enemy ship's computer. You could argue that the jetpack should match speed with all large grids, but then you'd be matching speed with random debris, which could potentially get very irritating.

Absolarix shared this idea 21/09/17 01:05
posthy 21/09/17 16:54
This should be just the third option on the dampener switch (Z by default): off / match nearest grid speed / total stop
Absolarix 22/09/17 05:01
Certainly. Maybe use something like [Ctrl] + [Z] to enable it.