Space Engineers Feedback

Make Hover Engines a Vanilla alternative to Wheels. Given that wheels have been nothing but trouble, especially in multi-player, and are easily broken simply by driving along or driving over small bumps, and often cause the vehicle to flip over with no warning, a more stable and dare I say more fitting alternative is required, given that SE is set a century or more in the future. That alternative is upon us, in the shape of the Hover Engines mod by Takeshi. I petition KSH to implement this mod as a Vanilla item ASAP, even if it requires a slight rebalance and alterations to the appearance- they behave beautifully and will open a whole world of new possibilities when it comes to vehicle designs, and will replace the clunky methods of creating 'hover' vehicles we are forced to use now ( 1x1 wheels turned on their side with friction set to zero ). Make it so -Jean Luc Picard.

SuicideNeil shared this idea 13/12/17 04:31