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Make GPS signals obtained from LCDs visible on HUD by default.
Currently when you pickup GPS coordinates from LCD panel they appear as grey in GPS menu, and you have to manually search them and click show on hud. I have created scenarios where you need to pickup new coordinates from panels, and since you have to manually activate them they kinda interrupt the flow in scenario. I know that waypoint system can be made with visual scripting or with mods. One chance and there is no need to do that the hardway to keep story flowing naturally. People who pickups GPS from LCD panel they probably want to see it on HUD pretty soon. And i think more people would make scenario type content once they see that there is easy way to make naturally flowing waypoint system, that doesnt force you to go in GPS sheet or to use scripting tools/mods. So when you pickup GPS coordinates from LCD panel currently they appear grey in GPS sheet. One chance. When you pickup coordinates from LCD panel they should show on hud by default.

Maybesomeday85 shared this idea 15/10/17 22:08
Pharap 15/10/17 23:38
+1, I think it makes sense that picking up a GPS marker from an LCD should activate it as well. When adding a new GPS marker, a lot of the time people want to use that marker pretty soon after receiving it, especially if it's not their current location.