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Make Engineering Mean Something
This game has engineer in its game, and it was a good one for a while. However, ME came out and proved that SE has the potential to do a whole lot better. Sure we have a physics engine and a few blocks like rotors and pistons, but some elements of gameplay need refinement to create a challenge for us. Looking at ME, there are a few things that should be changed in SE to make engineering your way through problems easier and more viable then trying to find a ship on the workshop that will do whatever your doing autonomously. - Better large / small grid combining. ME lets you place a small grid block on a large grid block without needing to do rotor stuff. This enables carts and a whole lot of interaction and engineering gameplay as things can be smaller and not be the size of a 4 story building to remove ore from a mine. - Better power mechanics: Currently power is just a "this produces a bit of power and this consumes a bit of power" system with no real numbers or meaning behind anything other than "Hey, lets stick a few reactors here and we're fine." We should have to see reactors as a threat of meltdowns / overloads if they take damage or are grinded while they are online, we should also have a more "This produces 10KWhrs" while a block consumes "10MWhrs" or something where power is needed to be balanced. Additionally consumption blocks should have more than an "on" and "off" state but have sliders that affect how much power is being used. This way you can prioritize say thrusters rather than weapons and get out of there. - Better speed mechanics - Currently we just turn off inertial dampeners at 100m/s and call it a day. The max speed is way too achievable with current thruster mechanics. In the real world we have no max speed, but we have fuel and efficiency that dictates what we should REALLY be having our max speeds be if we want to not get stranded in space. Perhaps ion and atmospheric thrusters should produce less power to favor hydrogen thrusters, which in turn have a max speed of the speed of light, while approaching that speed does damage to you and your ship because its really, really fast and we dont want someone just doing the same shut off dampeners and drift tactic just at higher max speeds. Overall, these improvements are just some I can think of off the top of my head to make space engineers another engineering game without introducing new clang-prone blocks with stuff like hydraulics or pneumatics. This suggestion is more of a reminder to dedicate resources to polishing the engineering aspect of this game.

mjc4wilton shared this idea 14/03/18 03:11
SuicideNeil 02/04/18 03:02
Speed of light is 299,792,458 m / s, just as a point of reference. Generally speaking, 400m/s works quite well as a top speed ( using mods or tweaking a setting in the back-end ) and would be a welcome improvement in the pedestrian top speed of the game- leaving atmosphere and entering would be less of a time consuming chore and require better thruster management, as well as making interplanetary travel without a jumpdrive more plausible. As for the rest of you suggestions = immersion. The trouble is such changes would be welcomed by longer-term players, but might scare off newbies who can barely build a flying brick; making it an option in the game settings might be a viable idea ( realistic immersion mode vs arcade mode ) however.
Korvatus 03/05/18 02:36
The simplest way I can think of to accomplish better grid combinations is to just have one grid and have different size blocks. For instance currently a large armor block is 2.5m x 2.5m x 2.5m or 5 small blocks x 5 small blocks x 5 small blocks. Why not just make it one grid instead. They could keep the size toggle. A large block then would have 25 mounting points per side. Various blocks that are currently restricted to just large grids would retain their current dimensions but more mounting points. To me this would simplify matters and give allot of the features players have been asking for i.e. flight seat and control seat for small grids and small grid glass.
immex5 03/05/18 03:51
The idea I can get behind most I this is small blocks in large grids and being able to overclock your reactors but risking explosion/heat damage around them.
immex5 03/05/18 03:51
The idea I can get behind most I this is small blocks in large grids and being able to overclock your reactors but risking explosion/heat damage around them.