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Major issue with Inventory API and small conveyors
Using IngameAPI's IMyInventory.TransferTo() and .TransferFrom(), you can transfer "large" items (missiles, steel plates, large steel tubes) between small ship containers which are connected only by small tubes. This can be used to create a cheaty missile reloading system which refills reloadable launchers through small conveyor ports by making a PB script which . On a side note, the IMyInventory.IsConnectedTo() only checks if there's any connection between inventories. It doesn't allow to check whether the connection is made through large tubes or small. To test the bug, I've provided a blueprint with a script which demonstrates the bug:

Cheetah shared this idea 06/08/17 13:05
mikrogen 17/08/17 11:43
Thank you for the report, we will investigate and fix.
mikrogen 30/03/18 13:14
Fixed in v.184