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Maintain the Steam Workshop
I do not know what truly can be done here but I feel that the workshop is just an unorganized repository of more than just mods. It has outdated mods, scripts, blueprints, worlds, etc that are no longer maintained, never completed, or no longer work for various reasons to include blocks/mods no longer exist or due to game updates. Some are policed by the modders themselves assuming they have time or are even paying attention to SE anymore. Perhaps there could be a checkbox or flag the community could set when they review one that says "no longer works" etc so that we could hit a checkbox and drop all the bad ones. I do like the new mod program and maybe this will help because we surely do not need twelve mods trying to do the same thing with only 1-2 that work and only 1 that is even supported anymore. There has to be a way to mark them as archived for future engineers to ressurrect, etc...

RkyMtnDude shared this idea 19/08/17 20:24
Soultechnology 08/09/17 23:42
isnt it at all possible to auto-sort the workshop? as a dev managing the workshop view? cant it be auto-filtered for DX9/11 and type fo mod (blueprint, skybox, ect) without relying on players to accurately tag there stuff? feel like that would help.
samerrie 27/03/18 10:29
Also it need more workshop tags lile Large Grid/ Small Grod/ both Or Structure/Ship/car/hybrid Also would it be noce to have a tag if it use mods or if its vanilla thet you can sort out if someone want.