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Maintain altitude without horizontal dampening
It is common to want to maintain altitude but not reduce horizontal speed when in a gravity field. Currently, this can only be achieved using thrust override or by turning off some thrusters with dampening on. An alternative altitude-only dampening would be a useful addition and allow for much more convenient and efficient aircraft.

daveralph1234 shared this idea 17/08/17 22:49
Different 17/08/17 23:46
why not gravity dampening? it would try to counter act the gravitational pull so your ship would maneuver (it would at least try to maneuver) like it is in space. So this would allow you to sent your ship towards space with max speed, dampening won't stop your speed but will try to boost the ship towards space since gravity pulls it towards the planet, similarly you wanna maybe sent your ship above a mountain so you sent it at an angle going up and foward
kittle 18/08/17 04:12
Seems like a normal engineering problem to me. if i want to "cruise " forward, i just turn off the breaking thrusters with a toggle on the hotbar.
xphoenixxx 05/09/17 08:47
This sounds oddly familiar... you would want something to auto level the vehicle based on gravity, and maintain a fixed altitude. So flying in a straight line on a planet would fly you around the planet instead of into space. Yes? Also means you can use thrust override to keep moving a given direction while you made a coffee or something. Basically the same thing real world auto pilot does.