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Mag gloves
So we have mag boots. But suppose you want to quickly and easily move a small grid in order to say line it up with a rotor to attach it. The current solution looks something like this: That's where mag gloves come in. You can easily move grids and objects as long as they're under a certain mass. In creative mode, there should be no mass restriction.

GusTar shared this idea 05/11/17 19:52
Dequire 07/11/17 12:17
Honestly this could bring in a lot of possibilities. I'd love to see this, it's just plain convenient.
forcedminer 08/11/17 15:53
yes it would be nice and useful in many situations to be able to grip grids in order to push or pull them around via jetpack or even just using your engineers legs. . Although obviously it wouldn't quickly get impossible for the engineer to objects as they get heavier. as for in space.....even a single ion thruster giving the time and energy can get a heavy ship up to max speed. . I can already imagine a game of zero g football taking place grip the object and cast it into your opponents collector. XD . maybe it could be implemented as a sort of steel plate grip bar for getting a grip on grids or even the manipulation tool from ME to lift a component. . it could be quite funny if the engineer could hang from these bars with gravity with a risk of impacts from sudden changes in gravity. :P