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Loosing speed while drifting in space
I have a escape pod that is launched from planet grav to no grav with a rail gun... usually when the pod escapes planet grave it will drift at a constant rate from there... as of today, the pod loses a small amount of speed continuously, even when it has escaped planet grav and is no longer acted upon by any external force... bug?

BetaDaze shared this idea 24/05/18 18:17
BetaDaze 24/05/18 19:05
I added an oxygen tank to the pod.... could the speed be dropping proportional to the mass of the oxygen in the tank??
BetaDaze 24/05/18 19:10
no, turning off the oxygen tank so it could not discharge and loose mass had no effect... still shedding speed for no reason while drifting in a pod with no thrusters or gyros and dampners off