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LOD distances too short
i have all kinds of issues with blocks requiring me to get stupidly close to actually see the high quality LODs, like the camera viewpoint has to be withing less than a meter, sometimes even closer, for it to not use the lowest quality LOD, this issue is slightly less of one at higher graphics settings, but i don't exactly run mine on the bottom end, and it gets extremely annoying even with the blocks that don't really change between LODs because i don't like having to see my ship in 8-bit level quality while i'm piloting it. please increase the high-quality LOD view distance before i lose my mind, just maybe to 100m, that'd be perfectly fine, or maybe make a halfway point LOD for non-armor blocks that isn't super detailed, but also isn't as low-quality as the extreme distance LODs.

admiralpeck shared this idea 17/09/17 00:38 08/12/17 12:53
Fixed LOD quality in settings. Use High settings for bigger LOD distance