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Locking up on block damage when damage is off.
at first i was thoroughly confused, but then i figured it out. maybe not in detail as i haven't tested if its just larger damage indications or any (im personally tired of my game crashing) but it SEEMS when ships are meant to take large portions of damage (most noticeably from heavy collisions, with planets in my case) and block damage is off the game freezes and wont respond to any input (not even altf4) however particle effects and sound still play, and the game takes up over 30% of my I7 still. but cna only be closed after any amount of time with the standard task manager flamethrower method.

Soultechnology shared this idea 21/09/17 12:48
Soultechnology 21/09/17 12:54
no edit button. block damage WAS on (i vaguely remember it off however) i just dint notice since every time i touch anything the game freezes and i need to reload. i do have mods but nothing hat should conflict or hasn't caused any problems like this in the past. ill update when ive smashed a large ship into a planet with my few mods disabled and see if it continues.