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Loading worlds with mods not working
Everytime I try to load my world it doesn't get past the first mod it just keeps trying to download but gos no were. I left it loading for an 1 hour a half and still on '0 out 371' mods Please fix this issue.

Primoak6 shared this idea 17/09/17 19:47
Altenarian 18/09/17 23:58
It could very well be the "371 mods" I would suggest cleaning out the majority of them, and looking at which ones haven't been updated in a long time. Look at which ones you've never used or don't think you ever really will use. I personally use about 20 mods, I've never needed to use more than 40, but that's just me. It does appear to be the amount of mods, or one or more broken/outdated mods.