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Live camera on LCD-s
It would be so cool be able to display camera views on LCD-s, like security cameras.

petdomaa100 shared this idea 08/11/17 16:40
terribleperson 22/11/17 09:13
They've covered why they don't do this in the past, and I understand. Each camera would have to have its viewpoint rendered as though it's another player, and that would have to either happen on the server and be streamed to the player or happen on each client, many of whom are not going to be able to handle that. I'd still like to see it revisited with extreme measures taken for performance. I'd be HAPPY to accept 240p video at 10fps. Rendering it on the server and streaming it to players would probably be the best choice, as the server isn't usually doing any graphics work and it could absolutely be done on individual threads for each camera. 240P at 10fps is 10 megabits per second uncompressed, and streaming video uncompressed is ridiculous. You only need to render cameras that have an LCD visible to a player, and you could limit the number of cameras any one player can 'demand' renders for. That is to say, if you have a 'security room' set up and one person is in it, only some of them would be rendering or they'd be rendering at reduced quality. Another person walks in, more will light up. The number of running cameras a player can have would be configurable by the server admin.