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Linux Dedicated Server
It has already been widely debated, but it would be really wonderful if this idea could actually come true! I do not want to start a discussion of the principle from the beginning! Ahoi, captains

DarthDestroyer shared this idea 14/09/17 20:32
randymarsh 15/09/17 02:24
A working Wine implementation would be enough for me. Myself and a friend started on a Docker implementation, but once SE went to 64-bit it broke: If someone who was more familiar with .NET could give it a go, that would be awesome. Wine site:
Hellcode48 15/09/17 10:31
This would be amazing for those who have a dedicated server that wants to host this game, it would also increase the performance because the server wouldn't be ran off someones game
HackerFinn 28/09/17 13:51
Yes please! I would love this! Then I could finally start hosting a dedicated server. Without getting into the obvious debates, I refuse to pay good money for a Windows VPS, when I can get a Linux one (which I already have for other purposes).
Kaemmelot 10/10/17 17:28
I already have a linux server for other games and stuff, but only for this game I needed a Windows one. Which is currently a small box at home (not the best ping and slower than the linux machine). If it would be Wine compatible again that would be enough for me and this would improve the connection and certainly the overall speed of my server-world.
nalal 18/10/17 04:03
This needs to happen, anyone who does professional hosting uses linux and not having a server build for it's environment is a massive oversight and an outright handicap for the expansion of the community
skicek 18/12/17 18:40
I agree that we need linux dedicated server, it will create a lot of more servers were ppl can connect as a lot of modders have their own VPS on which they can host. I would host if there was a LDS
HackerFinn 07/01/18 11:32
I'm not entirely sure how plausible a port might be, but using .NET Core you could make the entire game cross platform. I know that is a lot to ask, but it shouldn't be that big an issue to do with just the server, right?
FoolishOwl 22/01/18 23:57
Rexxar posted that they definitely won't do this. (Apparently Keen still can't be bothered to pay attention to the feedback site.)
DarthDestroyer 23/01/18 00:03
Had anyone tested the new Wine 3.0? Could that help?
Wuxian 27/02/18 23:30
This would get our little community to play the game together again.
mikrogen 30/03/18 13:36
We dont plan Linux server or client.