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Linear Suspensions
Essentially a block that mimics the dampening force that a coil over shock produces in an automobile without the rotational drive force in wheeled suspensions. Landing a ship can be hard due to the smaller size of planets and moons. While there is a distance value in the player HUD, it is necessary to land via 3rd person camera to be able to place a ship evenly on inclines or uneven terrain. Because the "planets" are so small, the visual estimation of how close you are to the ground can be incorrect and can frequently lead to hard landings which tend to detonate Landing Gear and connected blocks. In the worst case, this could mean a chain reaction of exploding containers and unrealistic udder ship destruction. Linear suspensions would absorb some of the kinetic force and increase the likelihood of survival at touchdown. This would also improve survivability when capturing enemy vessels with dampers "off."

Geneticus shared this idea 07/08/17 16:41
Fantanplan 17/08/17 23:30
can probably be done by
AutoMcD 06/09/17 21:26
+1 and the landing gear needs dampening!
Soultechnology 08/09/17 23:39
if they do this they either need to add this to the landing gear as well as have this as a piston block-esqu thing. or add this and replace landing gear with a landing pad to be attached to this stock.