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Lighting bleeding through.
I like building things in space engineers and I consider my self a decent designer of ships and the most important part of the design is lighting. Now you put your interior lights down and you adjust them so that they will illuminate the room and everything looks like very good but when you go outside of your ship you seem to notice that light is shining through armor which really kills the look of the exterior and generally makes my day a bit more stressful I say ok lets turn the light down a bit so I do that and there are no longer bleeding light but the room is not lit enough and looks too dark and this is a dilemma with all big ships particularly bigger than 700 blocks because the rooms in the ship are big. I know that to make it not bleed you would have to probably make so that the armor block will cast a shadow or something like that and not be ignored by artificial light and I know that this will greatly slow down the game but all I ask is that you add an option in "graphics" tab to switch the block casting shadows and not be invisible to artificial light and may. I would advise to working on that is it will greatly improve the game, make it more realistic. Also, work on optimizing so that the block shadows don't lag the game.

BIOS shared this idea 15/09/17 22:55
mikrogen 27/02/18 16:58
By design.