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LETTERS! ...please
This is a simple one. Please add letters, numbers, symbols etc. blocks to vanilla. It's probably one of the first mods you'd always add to your world if you're not playing vanilla. I mean who wouldn't like to have the name of your ships written onto the side of your beautiful creations. Or label your Hangar bays

SevenSins shared this idea 27/08/17 23:09
Racso 28/08/17 07:12
I agree, i think it would be awsome if u gould write ur ship name on the side of it
Saberwulfy 29/08/17 00:16
if we have a mod working perfectly, why waste time?
SevenSins 30/08/17 06:57
It's still just a mod. The author could quit at any time and stop keeping it up to date. Another reason would be consistency between saves / servers. If I use those on any of my ships i dont want them to disapper when pasting or blueprinting it on another world. Third and last reason would be loading times. You don't need to download all the mod files every time you join a server cause they'd be implemented in the base game. By your logic why did they add fighter cockpit, corner lights and parachutes? There were working mods for those.
Spets 28/09/17 06:00
what if they can make them as decals instead of blocks? like the bullet impacts, but permanent for the blueprint.