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Let us see what font is used by LCD and change it from PB
I put it as issue, as I think was going that way when fonts were introduced, but never reached working state. I can be wrong here.. Anyway.. Let us see what font is used by LCD and give possibility to change it from PB. That is the most important for LCD scripts which attempt to do some alignments and need to know is that mono spaced font or not.

Krienas shared this idea 20/08/17 15:36
Whiplash141 21/08/17 11:54
I do agree that this should be more accessible and easier to change, but you can currently do this, albeit painfully. IMyTextPanel#GetValue("Font"); Monospace font is: 1147350002 and I do not recall Debug. You'd need to make a lookup table essentially lol.
Krienas 21/08/17 14:09
mm, I never took serious those numbers, but that could actually work. Will have to try. But there is still no way to set it. Right? Btw, thanks for tip @Whiplash141.
Krienas 21/08/17 17:07
oh, I even had managed to set it! So only convenience is left. But that is way less critical.