Space Engineers Feedback

I love Space Engineers but one big turn off is that I cannot put terrain back into a place where I removed it or a place that I want it to be. Trust me, adding this feature not a difficult task. It took me 30 minutes to implement a basic placing and digging system in my marching cubes game. For the first time. On accident. It's simply a matter of incrementing volume of voxels around the dig point at an interval the same way as removing terrain. Please, keen, put in a few hours and make us happy!

Pirkk shared this idea 15/09/17 07:04
Absolarix 26/09/17 05:44
Um... What? What you've said here makes very little sense, though I believe you wish to place voxels, which is something you can do. In creative, search for the voxel hands. There you go.