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Let specify default RemoteControl within IMyCockpit blocks
If you have cockpit and wheels/thrusters on different subgrids, to become able to control the ship you need to manually find correct Remote Control and take control over it. And you need to do it every time you enter cockpit. Usually there is only one RemoteControl block of interest and it always stay the same, so ability to shortcut and preset it could be handy. Also I believe that could make pilot's or driver's experience smoother, more natural. Especially, if you are jumping into cockpit of vehicle you are not familiar with. So: * If no RemoteControl specified - cockpit acts like it does now. It is default value. * If RemoteControl is specified - pilot who had jumped in, will automatically gain control over that RemoteControl. It should effect only initial/default state when pilot enters, so old methods to find different RemoteControl should still be working.

Krienas shared this idea 23/08/17 15:02