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Lessons to be learned
Add C# lessons :D This should launch this game from sandbox with great potential to real game (game being a safe and fun environment to home in your skills) How you do it ? -Well, adding some kind of notes that spawn on various ships. Dividing lessons into chapters would be smart so it's not one note with 3000 pages of c#. So, beginner lessons on badly defended ships (ex:private sail) and the more advanced ones on better defended ones. Just crossed my mind,.. why it's not similar for skins ?!? -Or something even better :D

Morty shared this idea 14/09/17 23:00
Bleuhazenfurfle 12/11/17 08:37
I've been wanting a bunch of well commented example scripts to be included in the game for a while now… Much more than that can be better found through Google.