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Less Asteroids and Radar = Gameplay!
IMO the number of asteroids in the system is far far too much, and far far too easy to find. I say pull back on the asteroid count significantly, and add a radar block to find them. Allow the radar block to be connected to either an LCD or even better a projector, the same way a programmable block can be connected to an antenna, and render out what the radar can "see". Personally I would prefer a holographic display to also give the projector more than one use, but I can live with the LCD.

malwaredev shared this idea 04/08/17 18:50
malwaredev 04/08/17 19:16
Points made during discussion: * The radar itself could be gravity based. The further away from the radar, the more mass must be present before it makes itself present for the radar. * If you hide inside or near an asteroid, the asteroid's mass will by far outweigh (heh) you, and again you're hidden. * The huge gravity field of planets would make this radar useless. But perhaps it could still show radio emissions?
XeroCreator 06/08/17 20:22
Holo display for sure! There indeed does need to be something radar-ish in the game... currently it's float around space and hope you stumble across an undefended base or something. Can't say i'm too much of a pirate but I also can't play -.-
aleliabro 17/08/17 20:23
i like this idea as the asteroids at the moment are very easy to find. Also maybe asteroids could be grouped as well? Like belts or just a huge mass of asteroids? but are very rare.
DaishoChikara 17/08/17 21:18
I'm all for radar but I don't think the asteroids need to be lessened.
CTDragon 17/08/17 22:18
I agree with Aleliabro. If asteroids were in discoverable clusters instead of spread evenly throughout it make them more interesting sites and make space look less cluttered. Might not even need to thin their actual numbers: just group them differently.
Different 17/08/17 22:55
I like the idea of grouping asteroids, but you also need a way to find these clusters of asteroids, I am in for radar it would also lessen the pain of having a very low render distance if said radar tells you about them before the game renders them in
StrangeCalibur 18/08/17 05:37
But radar doesn't work in space....
XkyDiver 21/08/17 06:32
At the very least, help make the asteroids not quite so uniformly distributed throughout space... :)
DaishoChikara 25/08/17 02:13
StrangeCalibur, where did you hear that? Radar works perfectly fine in space. Better, actually, than within atmosphere.
StrangeCalibur 25/08/17 05:38
I was just talking out my ass. It works better in space for the following reason: Atmosphere to absorb radar energy and reduce the power of your signal Flat surfaces like the ground to cause multipath reflections which can reduce your signal power or make certain angle measurements inaccurate (For the most part) Competing microwave signals to cause interference on your particular channel
scav 05/09/17 22:36
Cheetah has a radar that conforms to most of these requests, it's quite nice and he says he'd be willing to rebalance if need be. I suggest talking to him.
ChrisHiss 14/09/17 21:27
agree, except for "less asteroids"! We need them, it would be too hard to find ressources then... Or they should make an asteroid belt generated around some planets maybe?
Tavran 15/09/17 00:35
Care less about fewer asteroids, but some sort of balanced detection system for grids would be amazing. Let us actually work to find all those ships floating in space! Could balance with power needs, high cost, time to detect, or triggering npc attacks/broadcasting.
TheRealTurok 16/09/17 04:20
I could see this function especially if asteroids had better loot attached to them. I suggested geode like pockets within asteroids in one of my suggestions. Please check it out and vote.
KManALPHA 17/09/17 16:36
if it is gravity based just make it a "mini-LIGO" block XD
malwaredev 20/09/17 08:14
CrisHiss "Too hard to find resources"? They'd still be practically infinite, and as it is right now, there's absolutely no challenge _at all_ to find resources, it's _everywhere_...
Soultechnology 20/09/17 17:35
you mean ladar. a laser radar. its space afterall. but yea, i would love to see a highly optimised ladar in game official rather then mods or scripts that can kinda cause... issues...
duncandisorder 01/10/17 00:53
Please help support my "Furniture and Greenhouse" idea. It really is a good idea, if I say so myself. Personally, I think the game has overlooked a vital part of ship building. We have no furniture, like beds and desks or no bathroom items, like sinks, toilets and showers. Anyway, there's more to my idea, I would appreciate any votes. Thank you.
FoolishOwl 10/10/17 23:08
In general, I'd like to see "exploration" filled out, by adding various sorts of active and passive sensors, tools for generating and displaying maps, etc. Making it take a bit more work to find resources is a good tradeoff.
uppermostking 06/12/17 14:51
Radar to find players we need this feature